"Carsten Kaufhold. Maler Berlins"


A comprehensive retrospective of the Berlin painter Carsten Kaufhold (1967 - 2022) will be shown at Berlin's Schloss Britz from 02.06.2023 to 03.09.2023. After studying at the Hochschule der Künste in West Berlin, Kaufhold was initially active as a musician. From 2002 onwards, he devoted himself primarily to painting and found his subject in the cityscape. In 2017, he received the Neukölln Art Prize.
Kaufhold portrayed his home city of Berlin in brightly lit well structured compositions, whereby the focus of his work was not on the capital's well known sights. Rather, the painter preferred to direct his gaze to the marginalised and off-the-beaten-track areas: typical Berlin street alignments and corners, commercial courtyards, firewalls and peripheral areas. It is above all these quiet urban places, often bathed in the bright glow of the sun, to which the artist wants to direct the viewer. The exhibition brings together around 50 paintings and drawings that take into account all of the painter's major creative phases.