Contribution photo: © Stiftung KUNSTFORUM der Berliner Volksbank gGmbH, Photographer: Franz Michael Rohm

Werkstatt für Kreative


The Werkstatt für Kreative, 2005 is one of the first museum educational place of learning in Berlin that was called into life, since then it’s been fascinating children and adolescents and some adults for the topic of art with a diverse workshop program.

The circumstance, that there are still people that do not have access to art and have never seen a museum, gave the initial ignition for the founding of the Werkstatt für Kreative and a museum educational workshop program, targeted towards children and adolescents.

With the interactive and age appropriately designed workshop, we want to offer children and teenagers the opportunity to discover the variety that art has to offer. Because there is so much more to art than just the artwork itself. Art can be a borderless way of communication. Art offers the possibility to express emotions, art inspires, enriches and opens new perspectives.

The workshops of the Werkstatt für Kreative, want to support exactly this and are supported by our educators. They are interactive, conceptualized and adjusted to the age and group situation.

Children and teenagers will experience and see real art, they will be able to approach the artwork in a relaxed atmosphere and at their own pace. Through questions and avoid discussion about what they saw and experienced, the educators can pass on some interesting facts about the art and artists.

The workshops compliment the exhibition in the Stiftung Kunstforum Berliner Volksbank and have inspired the team of the Werkstatt für Kreative to the workshop format. Painting, drawing and print techniques, felting, modeling, creating paper and working with wires already came to use and little and big works of art were created, to be taken home.

Furthermore, the Werkstatt für Kreative regularly take part in art mediation programs such as the “KinderKulturMonat” or “Kids Kreativ”. They were also present during “IGA Berlin 2017” as well as being present multiple times at the summer holiday event “FEZitty”.

So theory and practice grip with one another and compliment the art education in schools.

With the workshop Raum, Traum, Utopie – Experimentelle Grafik and the exhibition 100 Jahre Held(t)en: Werner Heldt und Burkhard Held we start on February 16th until June 2024.