The Stiftung KUNSTFORUM der Berliner Volksbank gGmbH is committed to a cosmopolitan, fair and solidary society. It therefore supports the alliance DIE VIELEN and has signed the Berlin Declaration of DIE VIELEN, as well as the SHIELD & SHINE initiative launched in 2023.

Art creates space to change the world
Cultural institutions and those active in art and culture have joined forces regionally or city-wide in declarations and have combined to form a transnational network. The declarations of DIE VIELEN formulate a clear stance towards group-related enmity, right-wing extremism and attacks on artistic freedom. The Berlin Declaration of DIE VIELEN, which was developed and coordinated by a diverse group of activists from the cultural landscape, serves as the basic text for each new declaration.
“Our society is a plural assembly. Many different interests collide and are often found in between. Democracy has to be renegotiated every day – but always under one condition: It’s about everyone, about each and every one of us as the essence of the many possibilities! ”
From the Berlin Declaration of DIE VIELEN.
Solidarity instead of privileges. It’s about everyone. The art remains free!