Contribution photo: : © Stiftung KUNSTFORUM Berliner Volksbank gGmbH, photo: Lilla von Puttkamer

KinderKulturMonat 2023: MENSCH UND EMOTION


The Werkstatt für Kreative is participating in the KinderKulturMonat in October 2023!

On 14 October, we will take part in the KinderKulturMonat and offer you two great workshops at Kaiserdamm 105. You can take part in the workshop MENSCH UND EMOTION from 10-12 am and from 13-15 pm. All children aged 4-16 are invited to register for a workshop via the KinderKulturMonat website from 3 September.

For the workshop, our art educators will be waiting for you at the Werkstatt für Kreative at Kaiserdamm 105. After a short introduction, we will go to the current exhibition at the Stiftung Kunstforum Berliner Volksbank right next door. You’ll see lots of great works of art, explore them with your eyes and ask questions about them in a short discussion session. Afterwards, you will move back to the Werkstatt für Kreative and give free rein to your feelings with brush and ink on paper. Spontaneously and with verve, you put your feelings on paper and capture the moment.
First you experiment with black and gradually add the primary colours yellow, blue and red.
A picture emerges and in the end it is an expression of yourself. Be curious about what develops on the paper before your eyes and just stay spontaneous.

A maximum of 20 children can register for each workshop, parents can take a seat in the waiting area.