Sabine Herrmann, weggehen, 1989, 130,5 x 121 cm, Kunstsammlung der Berliner Volksbank K 1479, Werkfoto: Peter Adamik, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022

Aufbrüche. Abbrüche. Umbrüche. Kunst in Ost-Berlin 1985 – 1995

Together with the Stadtmuseum Berlin, works by East Berlin artists from the fields of sculpture, graphics, photography and painting will be the focus of this art exhibition from August 2022. In addition, selected artists of the art scene of the time should also have their say in video interviews in current short videos and give insights into their situation in the upheaval phase of 1989/90 and the first years thereafter. From September 2022, the parallel exhibition will open in the Museum Nikolaikirche of the Stadtmuseum Berlin.