From April to October 2017, the Werkstatt für Kreative took part in the IGA Berlin 2017 under the motto “Der Natur auf der Spur – Mit Stift und Farbe forschen” (On the trail of nature – researching with pencil and paint). In around 130 family and holiday workshops, children and young people from Berlin and Brandenburg were able to draw, rub or print leaves, grasses and flowers with their siblings, parents and grandparents. The small works of art could then be taken home in a research book.

The four techniques (from the researcher’s book)

The name comes from the French. In this technique, the outlines and structure of an object are “rubbed off” with the help of pen and paper.

This technique, developed by an Italian artist in the 17th century, involves either placing a sheet of paper on a plate coated with printing ink and drawing a motif on it. Or, it is drawn directly onto the plate and the printing ink is printed onto the sheet.

Embossing is a printing technique that can be used without ink and is used to finish paper or fabrics.

A motif is captured on paper with pencil through lines, strokes and hatchings. The precise observation of the object plays the decisive role.